Eric Camarillo

Bachelor in Music Education
Tarleton State University

Music Teacher

Welcome to the music program at White Rock North School where we focus on equipping our students with the tools to greater enjoy and participate in musical endeavors. The preschool curriculum focuses on engaging children with singing and dancing to help solidify communication skills and social development. We utilize percussion instruments to help with motor skills and to help children recognize and follow along with rhythmic beats.

     As children progress through to Pre-K and onto elementary school, students begin learning how to understand the musical language. While being introduced to the iconography of notes, students are taught to recognize the various instruments of the orchestra and modern instruments. Students will begin their lifelong journey of connecting with the artistry of music that we all engage with daily. As our students advance in the elementary school program, the opportunity to play tonal instruments, such as recorders, xylophones, and guitars, is the beginning of foundational musical notation.