Eunice Hernandez

B.F.A. - Fashion Design
The Art Institute of Dallas

Art Teacher

Here at White Rock North School all students are artists! Through our visual arts program students begin to construct deeper understandings of their communities, their environments, and their own feelings and emotions.

Students develop their creative skills through non-verbal and verbal expression. The journey to developing your little one’s visual aesthetic can begin as early as twenty-four months here at WRNS. With an emphasis on developing fine motor skills, preschool of Lower School students are introduced to the Elements of Art and a wide range of art making materials.

As students progress through the program, the curriculum becomes more cumulative in nature. Elementary or Upper School students build upon prior knowledge of the Elements of Art and are then introduced to the Principles of Design; Upper school students are also introduced to certain periods of Art history and the artists associated with that art movement. To maximize their art making experience here at WRNS, Upper School students are introduced to a wide range of art making techniques and mediums. Both the Lower and Upper school students create works for seasonal and yearly themes as topics for their artwork.