Student & Parent

Welcome to White Rock North School! We look forward to getting to know you and your child personally, and we are so pleased that you have placed your faith in our school to educate and nurture your child.  As a school, it is our duty to foster your child's academic, physical, social, and emotional growth. To fulfill this responsibility, we need your contribution and wisdom as a parent.  Our staff is available to assist you in any way and provide you and your child with support to ensure a prosperous school year. 


Upon enrollment, our parent-school partnership begins, and in it, we will draw upon your knowledge and experience to enhance your child's education.

This handbook provides you with vital information about procedures, the school's philosophy, and the nature of the education your child will receive. It describes the roles of students, parents, teachers, and administration in making our partnership work. Please make a point of reading this book cover to cover and keeping it handy for reference.


White Rock North School continues to be an outstanding model of excellence in education because of our committed faculty and parents.


Thank you for your dedication and loyalty to our school and its students.

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Mission Statement

White Rock North School

creates world-class leaders for tomorrow

by promoting excellence in our students.

Through a global approach,

we foster intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development


Our philosophy is to promote academic excellence by maintaining high standards, offering multi-level learning experiences, and encouraging students to achieve at the highest academic levels.


We develop personal integrity in our students by encouraging behavior consistent with moral and ethical values in individual, school, family, and community living. 


We nurture individual artistic and imaginative expression by encouraging creative thinking and providing opportunities for our students to discover their strengths and talents.

We foster civic responsibility by instilling readiness to assume the rights and responsibilities inherent in membership in a democratic society.  We encourage our students to be active in their communities and to participate in philanthropic events.


We provide a safe environment that is conducive to learning. We promote and maintain open lines of communication between parents, faculty, administration, and students.

Arrival & Departure Procedures

School Policies

Discipline Policies

Health Policies

Campus Amenities

Upper School Attendance Policy

The State of Texas sets the general attendance policy to govern attendance for students in

Pre-Kindergarten through 6th Grade.

The philosophy behind our tardy and attendance policy is to help teach and reinforce the value of punctuality and good attendance in the workplace. School is the "workplace" for students.

Any student that does not comply with the Compulsory Attendance Policy will be reported as truant, as required by law.

Upper School Policies

Upper School
Assignment & Grading Policies

Educators have many views on the methods and purposes of grading systems and policies. At White Rock North School, we believe that grades and other assessments should be constructive. While individual teachers will apply this principle according to their specific grade level requirements, the following standards will be observed universally.

Upper School
Student Awards

Student Award Ceremonies are held at the end of each Academic Quarter.
Students receive awards at the Award Ceremonies based on merit.