Is your school accredited?

Are your teachers certified?

Is your school recognized for anything significant?

Why is your school open year-round?

Do you allow pacifiers?


We have been accredited since 1996!

Our current accreditation is by Cognia.


All teachers in the Upper School, teaching Pre-Kindergarten through 6th Grade are required to have a Bachelor's Degree and an active state-recognized teaching certificate.


Our school holds such high standards, we are often used as a training facility by Texas DFPS and CCL case workers.

We offer a traditional school year experience, held August - May. We also offer summer programming so that your child's care remains consistent, and so that your child will continue to progress in their physical and academic development!

Pacifiers are permitted for children in the Infant Center. Once children transfer to the Lower School program and are mobile, pacifiers are no longer permitted, as children run the risk of:

  • Sharing pacifiers

  • Spreading communicable disease:

    • Hand, Foot, & Mouth​

    • Thrush

    • RSV

    • Croup

    • COVID-19

    • Pneumonia

    • Common Cold

    • Strep Throat